West Fargo Fire Department encourages residents to Adopt a Hydrant before winter arrives

It can take about 20 minutes to clear a hydrant after an average snowfall.

WEST FARGO, N.D.–West Fargo residents are encouraged to Adopt a Hydrant before the winter season officially arrives in order to save the West Fargo Fire Department time and possibly save lives.

Anyone who Adopts a Hydrant is asked to clear a three foot radius around the hydrant and use the online tool to mark the hydrant as clear.

According to the West Fargo Fire Department, it can take about 20 minutes to clear a hydrant after an average snowfall, but having a clear hydrant increases the department’s response time to a fire significantly.

Fire Marshal Dell Sprecher said, “There are over 2,000 hydrants in the City of West Fargo, making it impossible for the fire department to maintain during the winter months. If you adopt a hydrant you’re taking the responsibility of shoveling out this hydrant after winter storms. This allows us to respond to fires quicker and more efficiently, not wasting valuable time shoveling out a hydrant when we could be saving property and lives.”

Anyone interested in adopting a hydrant can visit map.westfargo.gov/adoptahydrant to register and select a hydrant. The West Fargo Fire Department will send out reminders to adopters about clearing hydrants after a snowfall.

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