Burgum doesn’t implement mask mandate, asks for data showing it would lead to fewer cases

NORTH DAKOTA – North Dakota’s governor shares a White House report showing the state needs to have increased coronavirus mitigation efforts to slow the spread of the virus.

That includes people wearing masks, socially distancing, avoiding crowds and washing their hands.

Governor Doug Burgum says the increased efforts will not include a mask mandate from him despite North Dakota having a record of more than 6,300 active cases.

“When you say step in you that somehow that a mandate A. would be enforceable and B. it would change behavior and I think there’s plenty of data that would show in states with mask mandates are also having record cases and record deaths. If someone could show me the correlation between the mandate and performance, that would be a good thing to see,” Burgum said.

The governor is issuing what he calls a Thanksgiving challenge to get North Dakota’s coronavirus cases and deaths lowered by the holiday.

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