Moorhead Police department partners with the DEA for a drug take-back event

Take back program helps in the disposal of potentially harmful prescription drugs

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Moorhead police department offers a unique prescription drug drop off program to help people get rid of their; unwanted, unused or expired drugs hassle free.

“This is the drug take back program that we have and what we do is we offer anybody who wants to bring any of their drugs or medications they’re not using anymore, come to get them disposed here.”

Officer Dahl who works with the Moorhead high school says this program helps keep students safe by helping keep prescription drugs off of school grounds.

“When these drugs that are laying around in people’s places, relatives, or grandpa, grandma’s place or something. They’ll come over and visit a lot of times we’ll get thefts from those homes, maybe from family members and a lot of times we may see them in the schools being sold. When this stuff is eradicated and taken out of the homes that decreases any of that risk taking place  within our schools.”

Officer Dahl says, this is one of the safest ways to get rid of prescription drugs as they not only pose the threat of illegal consumption, but also they could end up in our water supply.

“They may get taken by somebody else or maybe thrown away where some people may get to them possibly or may flush down our toilets and into our sewage systems and into our lakes and rivers or contaminate our waterways as well.”

For those who may still have or want to get rid of their prescription medication, they can also drop them off in person at a designated lock box. 

“So you can drop them at any one of the police departments here, seven days a week, 365 days a year.” We have a spot open and there is a lock box that you can come and place all of your drugs or prescription medications at any time.”

To find out where to safety dispose of your unwanted drugs click here.

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