Social Distancing: A Sharp Idea

Halloween Movies And Creating Your Own Slasher Film Props


This socially-distanced Halloween season might be the perfect time to brush up on some of the seasonal classics, especially if you haven’t seen them yet.

I finally saw a classic over the weekend. Hocus Pocus. Three witches come back to life and wreak havoc on Salem, Massachusetts one Halloween night.
It’s one of those movies that people get made at your if you haven’t seen. I’m pretty sure Emily is one of those people. But now I’ve corrected that oversight. You’ve got a week to check off that Halloween movie list. Do you like kid-friendly fare like Hocus Pocus, or more mature horror and slasher flicks? I’d love some suggestions on Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of slasher movies, every Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees needs a good tool of the trade. But if you don’t want to head out blade shopping, you could make your own.

I thought I’d share my dad’s quarantine new pandemic hobby. He’s started making his own knives.


He bought a forge, heats up the metal, and pounds it into shape. They look really cool, and he’s getting better as he makes more of them. He’s collected knives for years, so this is totally on brand for him.

Untitled (1)
I think it’s a pretty cool way to expand your horizons during COVID.

I’m just glad he hasn’t burned my parent’s house down yet.

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