Social Distancing: Running Pikachu

Halloween Fun During The Pandemic


I hope you had a Happy Halloween, despite all this stupid COVID stuff getting in the way. There were still ways to have fun while social distancing.

I took a bucket full of candy and chips over to my Big Brothers/Big Sisters Little’s place. He wasn’t trick-or-treating this year, so I wanted to make sure he had some candy.

And I still dressed up. On Halloween I went on a run dressed as Pikachu. I wasn’t gonna let the pandemic ruin all my Halloween fun.
I got a few bemused looks from people along the way. Maybe they were just wondering why Pikachu was wearing pants.
But now that Halloween is out of the way we have a lot more holidays we have to navigate in a new way.

How are you planning your holiday season? Will Thanksgiving and Christmas look a lot different for your family? Let me know on Facebook and Twitter.

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