Concordia College’s SALT association provides comfort for community

Project supports local hospital patients with blankets

MOORHEAD, Minn.– As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, Concordia’s ‘Students and Alumni Linked Together’ association partner up with non-profit ‘Project Linus’ by providing comfort and security through blankets.

“Project Linus itself is a community, I think the chapter in the Fargo/Moorhead area, they bring in the cutting supplies and their expertise as far as the dimensions of each blanket,” Concordia SALT President, Erik Tolkinen said.

“The whole idea behind Project Linus is to make blankets and so that’s kind of where it stems and we’ve done this in years past and I think especially this year with kiddos or other children in the hospital I think this can bring them a little bit of comfort,” Concordia SALT Director of Alumni awareness, Anna Backes said.

With the pandemic, this year’s event was a little different, although a smaller turnout, the main focus remained… to support the community.

“All volunteer work, chance for students to interact safely within the Covid guidelines, as well as be able to have some fun and be able to do good for the community too,”Concordia SALT President, Erik Tolkinen said.

“It’s been a great event making blankets for kids at local hospitals so by the end of the day we are hoping to have 75 blankets made for kids in the area,” Concordia SALT President, Erik Tolkinen said.

But, children won’t be the only ones experiencing the warm and thoughtful gifts.

“With the scraps that are left from the sides of the blankets we are using to make dog toys and just braid them together and give them to places around the community,” Concordia SALT Director of Alumni awareness, Anna Backes said.

The blankets will be distributed to children within local hospitals by Project Linus.

For more information on Project Linus click here.



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