Health experts: gatherings are why cases continue to skyrocket in Fargo-Moorhead

Cass County has over 1,500 active cases.

FARGO, N.D- Health experts are saying the reason COVID-19 cases keep rising is because people continue to gather.

Cass County has over 1,500 active cases.

“For the last four days we’re averaging about 246 cases a day who are being diagnosed with COVID-19,” Epidemiologist Brenton Nesemeier said.

And those numbers keep rising. Gatherings and groups continue to be a problem.

“We’ve seen cases attributed to weddings, smaller social gatherings such as: Birthdays, housewarming parties, and dinner parties. We’ve seen cases attributed to conferences, group meetings, in-person meetings,” Nesemeier said.

They are concerned about what’s to come as we approach the holidays.

To help families understand the risks they might encounter depending on the activities they do, they created an assessment. It is divided in low risk.

“Low risk activities include virtual dinner, intimate dinner with members of your household. Dropping meals to those who are high risk,” Nesemeier said.

“Medium risk activities include small gatherings with people who live outside your household,” Nesemeier says.

“Our high risk activities include traveling out of town, participating in crowded parades, participating in Black Friday or Thanksgiving shopping in person,” Nesemeier said.

They say now more than ever it’s important to keep gatherings small and intimate.

“We want everyone to enjoy future Thanksgiving and family gatherings with all the ones that you love, friends and family. By keeping it intimate this year, we can ensure that will happen,” Nesemeier said.

Fargo Mayor Dr. Mahoney announced the Director of Fargo Cass Public Health tested positive for COVID-19. She was not at the briefing.

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