Social Distancing: Turkey Tips For First-Timers

If You're Cooking Your Own Bird During The Pandemic, We've Got Tips From A Local Meat Expert


Don’t worry if you’re trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner on your own this year instead of relying on family for your feast during the pandemic.

Jason Aamodt with Meats By John And Wayne stopped by the morning show the Friday before Thanksgiving with tips for first-time turkey chefs.
He says it’s best to have a pound of turkey per guest this Thanksgiving.
He also stresses that you have to plan ahead, and that you thaw your bird in the fridge 24 hours for every four pounds it weighs.
He recommends cooking your turkey at 325 degrees for 20 minutes per pound, breast side down so that the breast meat doesn’t dry out.
But if you want a beautiful-looking bird, he says to flip it halfway through cooking.

He adds, “The presentation of the top part of that turkey, having that glistening, beautiful glow, looking like it just came out of the sun tan room. It’s got the seasonings. Its skin is nice and crisp. Underneath the meat is succulent.”

He also tells first-time turkey chefs not to stuff their turkey. He says that could get you sick.
Find out his seasoning tips by checking out the video above.

Check out their website for more info about meat of all kinds.

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