Minnesota launches Covid-19 detection app to help slow the spread of Covid-19

The app will help notify people of potential exposure

MINNESOTA – A new smartphone app is helping curb the spread of Covid-19 in Minnesota.

Governor Tim Walz unveiled the new COVIDaware MN app. It allows people to be notified if someone who’s been near them has tested positive for the virus. It will also allow them to warn other people they may have been in contact with anonymously if they also test positive for the virus.

“It is painless. It is free and it is secure that you download the dashboard. I have exposure detection on and what will happen is if I go take a test we will then get a code that shows me that I’ve had it. I’ll put it in and it will then notify everyone who was around me within a six feet radius for 15 minute or more that they’ve been exposed,” Walz said.

The app uses Bluetooth signals to detect positive people who have opted into the app.

Users who may have been exposed will be provided with information on where to get tested and keep those around them safe.

Click here for more information on COVIDaware MN.

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