First indoor dog park in ND opens its doors in Fargo

The co-owner of Rainy Days Indoor Dog Park says about 700 people registered to be members.

FARGO, N.D. – Rainy Days Indoor Dog Park opens its doors in Fargo.

Nine-month-old Buddy is a happy, playful golden retriever.

Being still a pup, he is also very active, making it sometimes hard for his owner Sarahi to keep up.

“A lot of chewing on the walls. He likes to chew on furniture. Yeah, if we don’t get his energy out, he’ll destroy the house,” says Sarahi Corral, Buddy’s owner.

Rather than allow that to happen, she decided to look for a dog park where he would be able to get all that puppy energy out.

“Then I saw that this was going to be an indoor dog park, which is pretty cool because it’s really cold outside. Sometimes, it’s too cold to take him to an outside dog park, so it’s really cool,” Corral said.

Corral says this indoor park gives Buddy the opportunity to interact with other furry friends, which she says it’s his favorite thing, and something he doesn’t do often.

“It’s nice so we can find other dog friends. He loves playing with other furry friends and that will get him really tired, so that’s why I like it here,” Corral said.

Co-owner of Rainy Day Indoor Dog Park Easter Simbe says that she wanted to be able to provide a space for pets and their owners during the time when the weather is not favorable for them to be outside.

“Being a dog owner I saw the importance of it. So, I tried as hard as I could. Talked to different dog owners and different business owners and they were all up for it,” the Co-owner of Rainy Days Indoor Dog Park Easter Simbe said.

Corral says there’s nothing better than seeing her little furry companion having his own little playground to frolic in.

“He loves it. We’ve been playing fetch and playing in the tunnel, he loves the little obstacles,” Corral said.

The co-owner of Rainy Days Indoor Dog Park says about 700 people registered to be members.

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