Strong winds mixed with snow falling made for difficult driving conditions

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Extreme winds, snow and limited visibility create dangerous road conditions for people in Eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota.

Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Jesse Grabow says as of four o’clock troopers have responded to 251 crashes. 41 of them involved non life threatening injuries. Troopers also helped 129 vehicles that ran off the road and 19 jacknifed semis.

Grabow says most accidents tend to happen because people can only see about one hundred feet in front of them due to little visibility.

Sergeant Grabow says most of these cars are driving too fast for the conditions and they end up colliding a vehicle in front of them when they can’t see if it slowed down or stopped.

“If you find yourself stranded, you yourself might be a good driver, but now you find yourself on the wrong side of the road and traffic isn’t able to move, and it could be several hours. Are you going to be able to stay safe and warm until we’re able to get everyone back on the roadway? So, don’t take any chances if they’re not worth it. Don’t put your schedule ahead of safety,” Grabow said.

Sergeant Grabow says there is a chance roads might be busy on Thursday due to people not being able to travel today for the holidays.

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