ND House Speaker wants legislature to reexamine governor’s emergency powers

BISMARCK, N.D. – North Dakota’s Speaker of the House will not prioritize using state money for Covid-19 relief during the legislative session that begins on Tuesday.

State Representative Kim Koppelman believes lawmakers should use the more than one billion dollars in federal money to combat the coronavirus efficiently and effectively.

The West Fargo Republican criticized Governor Doug Burgum for not calling a special session to deal with the pandemic last year.

Koppelman wants the legislature to update the governor’s emergency powers.

“We need emergency powers in place that allow for nimbleness or speed of action when a crisis is before us. There’s only one body constitutionally that’s allowed to make law in any state in our nation and that’s the legislative branch of government,” Koppelman said.

Even with low interest rates, Koppelman does not want to use state money for a bonding bill for construction projects. He believes the best way for the state to prosper is to keep taxes and regulations low.

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