LIVE: Insurrection at the Capitol and Trump

What to be prepared for.

Calls to remove President Trump from office on the grounds he’s unfit to lead are coming now from his own political party.

But political scientists here at home say invoking the 25th Amendment might not be seen as worth it, with just 13 days to go to the end of the Trump Administration.

Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate spent part of Wednesday night in hiding from pro-Trump extremists invading Capitol Hill.

MSUM Political Science Chair Dr. Barbara Headrick says that invoking the 25th Amendment doesn’t mean immediate removal from office for the President, though.

It’s important to remember, she says, that the 25th Amendment has a mechanism that lets the President fight it.

That would mean an investigation to prove or disprove his competence.

We asked her whether the Capitol insurrection is a sign of coming civil war in America.

Find out why she says there are troubling signs of what’s to come, and more on the 25th Amendment in our live two-part interview.

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