Republicans Reject Mask Mandate in Minnesota Senate Chamber, House Has One

Johnson And Rest
State Sen. Mark Johnson/(R) East Grand Forks & State Sen. Ann Rest/(D) New Hope

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota Senate Republicans reject a mask mandate for members and staff in the Senate chamber.

The 36-31 vote encourages mask-wearing, but does not require them.

All 34 Republicans and the chamber’s two independents favored the looser policy, while all 31 Democrats backed the mandate.

“If we go by the CDC guidelines couple of things: gators, single-layer gators, which I’ve seen today are not part of that,” said State Sen. Mark Johnson a Republican from East Grand Forks.

“If a face mask covering, shield, gator is not in the public good then I don’t know what is,” said State Sen. Ann Rest a Democrat from New Hope.

The DFL-controlled House put a mask mandate in effect on Wednesday.

All members and staff must wear one, including when lawmakers are speaking on the floor.

Members who violate it could face an ethics charge.

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