Fargo Cass Public Health is moving to phase 1B of Covid-19 vaccine distribution

Phase 1A of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution is almost reaching its end.

FARGO, N.D. – Sanford Health in Fargo will begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine to Phase 1B, to those 75 and older starting tomorrow by appointment only.

Fargo Cass Public Health says they’re expecting to begin distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine for priority groups in phase 1B on Monday.

Phase 1A of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution is almost reaching its end.

“We are just working to finish up. We will likely get through that, probably finishing up on Monday,”  Schaefer said.

That same day, Suzanne Schaefer from Fargo Cass Public Health says they might also be able to start distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to those in phase 1B.

“The first priority within that group is 75 and older, so we’re kind of working to gather that information,”  Schaefer said.

Also part of the phase 1B group are: Childcare workers, workers employed by preschools or kindergarten through 12 grade, and people and staff living in congregated settings.

Schaefer says there will be differences and even some difficulties between the distribution of phase 1A versus phase 1B.

“With phase 1A, we were able to go through businesses, and we were able to identify that population, through just where they were employed. With phase 1B, there are of course some challenges, we don’t know everybody 75 and up within our community, we don’t have that within our fingertips,”  Schaefer said.

Which is why they’re encouraging that people who either don’t have a healthcare provider, or the vaccine will not be available through their provider, to register online.

“We can reach out to them when the vaccine is ready to be distributed to that group,” Schaefer said.

Sanford and Essentia Health are also working to make sure their patients are notified when the vaccine is available to them.

Essentia Health will be notifying their patients via MyChart or voice message.

Sanford Health patients will receive a My Sanford Chart message, a letter and a voice message or text message.

According to Fargo Cass, statewide, phase 1B encompasses about 230 thousand people.

Fargo Cass says they anticipate it might take them about six weeks to complete phase 1B.

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