Trump’s trial could begin on Inauguration Day

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial could begin as soon as 1 p.m. on Inauguration Day Wednesday as President-elect Joe Biden is being sworn into office.

That’s according to a a timeline of Senate procedure obtained by The Associated Press.  It’s the possible schedule if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sends the articles of impeachment to the Senate soon.

Trump was impeached by the House on Wednesday on a single charge of incitement to insurrection related to the deadly Capitol siege last week by a pro-Trump mob.

Pelosi hasn’t said when she’ll send the charge to the Senate.

Some Democrats have suggested holding back to allow Biden time to be inaugurated and to start working on his priorities first.

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer has suggested the U.S. Supreme Court issue an advisory opinion to the Senate regarding whether an impeachment trial for an ex-president would be constitutional.


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