Social Distancing: I Froze My Pants

Freezing Your Jeans Is Silly Winter Fun


On Tuesday I told you about some silly winter fun you and your family could have in these sub-zero temperatures.

People in Minneapolis are littering their lawns with frozen jeans.
All you gotta do is get your denim wet and hang them outside for a couple hours.
Then you have an instant art piece.
It’s turning into a scavenger hunt in one Minneapolis neighborhood, with people searching for as many be-pantsed yards as possible.
I thought this looks like a lot of fun, so I tried it to see how easy it is.

I even froze a shirt, jacket and tie. They were able to stand upright for a bit, but the denim definitely froze more solidly.
And I did this yesterday, the warmest day of the week.
It’ll be even easier to do today. My biggest recommendation though is to dig little holes in the snow for your pant legs. The snow in the ground is pretty hard by this point, and even frozen denim could have a hard time breaking through.

Show me your pants! Wet them, Freeze them, Stick ’em in the snow. Send me your frigid pants pics on Facebook and Twitter.

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