Social Distancing: I Froze My Pants

Freezing Your Jeans Is Silly Winter Fun

  On Tuesday I told you about some silly winter fun you and your family could have in these sub-zero temperatures. People in Minneapolis are littering their lawns with frozen jeans. All you gotta do is get your denim wet and hang them outside for a couple hours. Then you have an instant art piece. It’s turning into a scavenger…

Governor Burgum Asked to Leave Senate Floor

Burgum's spokesman said the governor "meant no disrespect to the chamber rules"

  BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum was asked to leave the Senate floor Wednesday for wearing jeans. His attire was in violation of chamber rules. Burgum had just finished posing for a photo with some students on the Senate floor when he was asked to leave. His spokesman says the governor “meant no disrespect to the chamber…