Local Red Cross Seeking More Than Money On Giving Hearts Day

The local chapter held a blood drive on Thursday afternoon, the first time they've done so on Giving Hearts Day

FARGO, ND (KVRR) – Blood Drives are essential at any time of the year but even more so on a day that’s aimed at donating.

As organizations across the area rally financial support on Giving Hearts Day, the American Red Cross of Eastern North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota is taking it a step further.

“You know, today is giving hearts day and what better way to be a giving heart than by donating blood that keeps all of our hearts pumping, right,” said Executive Director of the local chapter, Gretchen Hjelmstead.

The organization’s first ever blood drive on the day of this annual tradition, taking place on 12th street North off of University Drive in Fargo. They just began putting them on in the F-M area last year. Now, with plans to continue moving forward, it comes at a critical time: the winter.

“Sometimes we see a blood shortage due to winter weather events and of course this year COVID [19] has presented some other challenges,” Hjelmstead said.

Though it has done that, it’s also given The Red Cross a way to fight COVID-19: donors will now know if they have antibodies even without having had symptoms. The blood with those antibodies can then be used to help those fighting the virus.

“It’s about helping our community,” said board member Amy Durbin . “It’s about helping our neighbors, our friends, our family. They need our help.”

The Red Cross has held blood drives throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so at multiple sites in the area.

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