LIVE: MN Breweries Want To Legally Sell Smaller Cans Out Of Breweries

Nearly 30 MN Breweries Joining To Lobby For "Free Beer Bills"


For some Minnesota breweries, the size of your can matters. And for them, smaller is better.

Nearly 30 Minnesota Breweries are teaming up to try and change the state’s liquor law that limit what size of beer they can sell out of breweries.

Right now, small breweries can only sell off-sale beer in 25.4 ounce cans called crowlers or 64 ounce glass bottles called growlers.
The “Small Craft Brewers Coalition” wants brewers to be able to sell more common 12 and 16 ounce cans out of breweries.
They’re trying to convince state lawmakers to change the law.
Bills have been introduced in the Minnesota House and Senate.
Kris Hanson with Disgruntled Brewing in Perham says more common-sized cans would make business easier for small brewers.

He adds, “Drastically. Not only is it an easier size to drink, but it’s a much more shelf stable and just better product. There’s a lot less waste going into 12 and 16 ounce cans as there are crowlers and growlers.”

Brewers are asking beer fans to message their state representatives about the bills.
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