Social Distancing: Spread Your Wings

A Rehabilitated Owl Spreads Its Wings As We Hope To After COVID


Do you ever feel like you need to just bust out and spread your wings? That’s an understandable feeling, especially right now while we’re still under the weight of the pandemic.

And this guy can relate. With the nice weather, I went to a behind-the-scenes event they had at Chahinkapah Zoo Tuesday afternoon.
Part of the experience was watching them release an owl they rehabbed back to health.
The event was mostly outside, and the zoo separated groups to keep them at around a dozen people.
And we got to see some cool animals, including bears, rhinos, and this owl going free.
The zoo rehabilitated and released about 10 birds last year.
It’s kind of symbolic for everything we’ve been going through the last year, waiting for the world to heal before we can flee the coup again.
And it keeps looking like we’re getting closer to that point.

With nice weather returning and spring around the corner, are you preparing to get outside more? Let me know what your plans are.
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