Social Distancing: COVID-Conscious Travel

Looking At Ways To Take A Trip While Minimizing Risk


We’ve been talking about that apprehension you might have to get back into society after a year of staying home doing our part to slow the spread of COVID.
But it is looking more and more like we might be able to go out and do more stuff with vaccination rates keep rising.
If you’re looking to get out of town, but you’re not quite ready to stay in a big hotel full of people, here’s one option.

You could try a B&B. I gave it a while last weekend, staying a B&B in Nevis, Minnesota called Park Street Inn. It was the first time I’ve spent the night away from home in over a year that wasn’t in a tent.
It was a much more low-key way to reintroduce ones self to travel.
There was only one other guest in the place. The owners were great about wearing masks.
Plus, lake towns are kinda dead before summer, so now is a good time to test some light travel plans.
And the breakfast was definitely better than the continental breakfast you get at hotels.

Social Distancing Pic
And they’re often in scenic areas. This was the view literally across the street from the place.
That’s not a bad sight on an evening stroll.

Let me know if you’re planning any travel nearby. How are you making sure you’re guarding against COVID.
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