Rep. Armstrong takes questions from Sheyenne High School seniors

The politician held a Q&A with high school seniors

WEST FARGO, N.D (KVRR) — Congressman Kelly Armstrong stops by a local high school for a Q&A session with the seniors.

“It’s part of what we do it’s one of my favorite things to do in office” said Armstrong.

The senior class at Sheyenne High School get the chance to have a Q&A with Armstrong.

The class shared their opinions on a variety of issues and got feedback from their representative.

“I want them to know if they have a question they can reach out to us if it’s something they care about they can reach out to us.” Armstrong added.

The students asked him questions on issues related to social media.

“You’re the product. Everything you do online is cataloged and tracked and utilized in order to pressure you to buy things or to do things” Said Armstrong.

Issues connected to the gas and oil commerce.

“We need to protect the oil and gas industry, we need to protect the coal industry and the reason we need to protect them is because we need them,” Armstrong said.

His thoughts on racial injustice.

“To say that race and poverty and different issues do not impact how criminal justice is delivered is a lie,” Armstrong said.

And immigration in North Dakota.

“We rely heavily on immigrants in North Dakota. Our refugee community in Fargo is absolutely a big part of the community and a big part of the economic workforce,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong wanted the seniors to know their congressman cares about the issues they find important.

“If younger people get more involved and participate more in the process the issues they care about will get more attention that’s just how the government works,” Armstrong said.

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