Social Distancing: Mask Salvage

Is it green or gross to wash and use a mask you find?


Masks are still part of daily living for a lot of us. And sadly they’re becoming part of the landscape, littered around our streets and sidewalks.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing discarded masks pretty much every time I leave my place. Most of them are the single-use disposable masks. But every once in a while you see a cloth reusable mask on the ground.
But here’s a question we’ve been debating in the newsroom… is it ok to pick up a reusable mask, wash it, and claim it as yours?
Is it green or is it gross?
The questions came up because I kind of.. did that. We found a mask in the driveway a couple days ago.

It was picked up using gloves, so no hands touched it before it got to a washer.
We ran it through the washing machine twice then dried it on high for a full hour.
Normally I wouldn’t do this, but look, it’s Yosemite Sam. I thought it was cool.
But, I will say I haven’t had the courage to put this on my face yet.

Now I’m asking you.

Would you ever pick up a face mask off the ground, wash it, and claim it as your own? I imagine I grossed a lot of people out with this one.
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