Minnesota State Weightlifting Championships

Moorhead high school hosted championships for the first time.

FARGO, N.D.-(KVRR) The Moorhead Spuds hosted the Minnesota State Weightlifting Championship for the first time in the school’s history. KVRR’s Clare Allen gives a look at what took place on the girl’s team.

“It empowers you like nothing else. “It makes me feel strong,” Seniors Carleigh Vedder and Mackenzie Neuhalfen said. 

These girls put the “M” in muscle. The Moorhead high school girl’s weightlifting team put their strength to the test in the championship tournament.

“My goal is to do my best and this is my last year and I wanted to go out with a win, and I got it,” Neuhalfen mentioned. 

Many of the female athletics who completed today accomplished their self-made goals and team goals for the day. Even breaking records at the high school level.

“Multiple state records have been broken a couple of our athletics are breaking state records as we speak,” Coach Corey Hermann stated. 

In a historic first, the Spuds were in their home gym while competing for the medals and for them it’s something they will never forget.

“Really good for our school, just so exciting to have this kind of press for our school too now because everyone is going to know who Moorhead is,” Carleigh Vedder said. 

This sport not only gives strength in their body but also empowers women of all ages.

“Women are very underestimated and for me and all these other women to come out here and lift our best and lift the same weight these guys are lifting it makes me feel very strong,” Mackenzie Neuhalfen said. 

List of winners from Championship Tournament

Youth Lifters (JV)
Elaina Congress 3rd
Mya Rieber 2nd
Emily Stamm 1st
Ryland Braton 1st
Micah Cozad 1st
Jack Stamm 3rd
JV Team Combined Boys and Girls 2nd
Carleigh Vedder 2nd
Sydney Tweten 4th
Regan Erdmann 2nd
Ella Rice 1st
MacKenzie Neuhalfen 1st
Osama Allawi 2nd
Connor Heinsch 2nd
Liam Flanagan 3rd
Jackson Young 1st
Varsity Team Combined Boys and Girls 2nd
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