Social Distancing: Would You Pick Up A Used Face Mask?

We have your answers


Friday, I asked you a question that really only makes sense in the context of this global pandemic.
Would you pick up a reusable face mask and keep it for yourself?
I came across that conundrum when I found a fun mask lying in my driveway that I liked. See, it’s Yosemite Sam.
I did wash it twice before even thinking about wearing it.

Discarded masks are pretty much everywhere these day. And here’s what you had to say about recycling reusable masks that someone else discarded.

Deborah in Roosevelt, Minnesota wrote to say, “Yes, I think I would wear the face mask. Especially if it was really cute. Like you did, a thorough cleaning and sanitizing first. But if it was in the garbage, a bathroom floor, or covering dog poop, NO!”

Sandra writes, “I see them quite a lot and I’m the type of person to pick them up and throw them away. I hate litter.”

And Vicki on Twitter just sent me A .gif. I think sums up her feelings pretty well.

So, some yes, some no. I still haven’t actually put the mask I found on my face yet. I’ll let you know if I do.
Meanwhile, tell me about your favorite mask to wear around. And if you’ve found out a full-proof way to keep glasses from fogging. That’s still getting to me after more than a year.
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