LIVE: Wrangling Wild Cucumbers

It's a jungle out there.

There’s an invasive force taking over one of the region’s most popular parks, and city leaders need your help to fight it off.

The adversary doesn’t come armed with teeth, claws or armor.

Nor can it run you down. Heck, it isn’t even particularly well-camouflaged.

So why, may you ask, is

it going to be so hard to conquer?

Answer: they’re wild cucumbers, and they’re spreading like crazy.

Wild cucumber vines are taking over the Grand Forks Greenway, smothering young saplings at an astonishing rate.

The “cucumbrances” can weigh down an entire five-foot sapling with just their heavy, fast-spreading mats of vines, leaving the trees at risk if they’re not removed.

That’s according to city Greenway Specialist Kim Greendahl, who’s tracking the progress of the invasive plant.

Herbicides aren’t an option, since they’ll kill the trees too.

That’s why the city greenway is looking for a crew of volunteers to vanquish the invading green army in two upcoming events.

They’re set for Thursday, April 15th and Saturday, April 17th.

Wear appropriate clothing, including heavy gloves, as the vines are covered in prickles.

Greendahl gave the Morning Show some other wild-cucumber killing tips when she talked live via Zoom with Emily Welker about the need for volunteers to help save the riverfront park from the invaders.

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