No cases of blood clot issues from Covid-19 vaccines reported in MN & ND

NORTH DAKOTA & MINNESOTA (KVRR) – The North Dakota and Minnesota departments of health are not aware of any cases of blood clot issues with people who have gotten the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

The departments advise health providers to follow the federal pause of that vaccine.

The only safety concern identified with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are severe allergic reactions which are rare and manageable with immediate treatment.

Johnson and Johnson doses are 6.6 percent of the supply of vaccines Minnesota has received.

“We received notice that our Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be continuing at high level. Again, you’ll see about a five percent or so dropoff,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said.

More than 184,000 Minnesotans and around 21,000 North Dakotans have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

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