NDSU Opens Second Vaccination Clinic

Sanford Health provides 1,000 doses of Pfizer vaccines to NDSU

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — North Dakota State University opens its second vaccination site on campus.

“When the CDC and FDA announcement came out about the pause in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine administration, they switched very quickly over to the Pfizer vaccine,” NDSU Department of Public Health Project Coordinator Kylie Hall said.

The university swapped vaccines at the last minute to make the deadline for the opening of their second vaccination clinic.

“Sanford is helping give the vaccine doses today and Sanford had Pfizer in stock, so we were very quickly able to switch the vaccine doses and keep our scheduled vaccination clinic,” Hall said.

An NDSU official says these clinics make it easier for students to get vaccinated.

“We wanted to have opportunities for students to get vaccinated on campus because convenience matters and we’re learning that with our vaccine rollout,” Hall explained.

Sanford Health provides one thousand doses of Pfizer vaccines to NDSU. University officials say over 900 appointments are scheduled compared to the nearly 700 shots from the first clinic. The university project coordinator says anyone who received the J&J shot can stay calm.

“For students and staff who’ve recently received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, the first thing I would tell them is don’t panic. If this rare adverse event is associated with vacation it’s very rare. It looks to be greater than one in every million doses administered,” Hall said.

She says to monitor your symptoms and urges you to contact your doctor if you’re not feeling well. Hall stresses anyone getting their vaccine helps with the fight against Covid-19.

“It’s really important that everyone on campus gets vaccinated because that’s how we get back together and that’s how we get back to normal,” Hall emphasized.

Anyone who receives their first dose during the clinic will return on May 6th for their second shot on campus.

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