Social Distancing: Popcorn Salad

A Recipe From A Famous Foodie In Our Region IS Popping Up Controversy Online


Cooking has been a popular thing for people to pick up the last year or so. We haven’t been going to restaurants as much. We have more free time on our hands. We’re bored and hungry…makes sense. I’ve been trying to cook a little more lately.
Then Emily told me about this culinary curiosity.
A famous foodie from our region has unleashed a recipe that people paying attention, and picking fights online.
Molly Yeh lives on the North Dakota/Minnesota border and hosts a show on the Food Network.
We know here in the upper Midwest that salad isn’t all just leafy greens and raw veggies.
Now she’s giving people a taste of that with her popcorn salad. Click here for the recipe.
CNN’s Jeannie Moos has more.

Would you try the popcorn salad? Does it carry on the tradition started by cookie salad in our region, or is it a step too far? Let me know. Better yet, let me know if you actually make it! I’d love to see your effort.
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