Getting It Done On And Off The Volleyball Court: NDSU’s Alexis Bachmeier

For the Fargo native, success goes much further than just the volleyball court

FARGO, N.D — Fargo native Alexis Bachmeier just capped off a successful four year career for North Dakota State Volleyball racking up over 600 kills  and 800 digs in 324 sets played, however reaching those highs did not come without seeing some lows and by getting help along the way.

Every since attending a volleyball camp that her mom took her to in the sixth grade Alexis Bachmeier fell in love with the game. After graduating from Fargo North, the next step  was to play in college and there was only one place in mind playing for North Dakota State.

“Growing up, I went to the games. I watched all the big girls play and I wanted to be that girl,” Bachmeier said. “I didn’t set my sights on any other school. NDSU was only route and I was going to do it. I didn’t have a plan about how I was going to do it. I was not heavily recruited in high school. Actually wasn’t super good in high school so the fact that NDSU even told me to come walk on here was a huge step.”

Bachmeier turned being a walk-on into becoming a three starter. As a 5-8 outside hitter, a rarity in college volleyball the drive getting to that point was all about realizing her potential  and finding advantages.

“I had some people telling me I wasn’t tall enough and I’m not tall enough to play in the Summit League. I’m the shortest hitter in the Summit League but it was those people telling me, oh you’re not going to play front row,” Bachmeier said. “It was my coaches and staff who kept me going. In volleyball, there is something called a tool where the hitter hits off the blockers hands and so that was the name of my game. I tried to do that every time because I knew I wasn’t going to beat girls who were tall and fast. I knew I was going to beat them with pace off their hands then I just tried to hit it as hard as I could.”

Despite figuring out what worked best, it was still difficult when earning more playing time because of the competition level  in the conference.

“It’s hard to play in because everybody’s evenly matched as you get towards the top,” Bachmeier said. “You’re more scouted. More teams are going to know what you’re doing in every situation. It was hard for me to adapt to because right away every player gets success early on and its because you’re not scouted and because people don’t know how to play you yet. When you get older and older and continue to play, that was my biggest thing, I was not very good at overcoming it and it was because my opponents knew everything I was going to do.”

What helped Bachmeier overcome adversity were the people in her corner. Someone who is apart of it may be recognizable to many actor Josh Duhamel who is first cousins with the Fargo native. There are many things she takes away from seeing him in the spotlight, however one stands out from the rest.

“He honors all his press with such grace and humility. He’s super humble,” Bachmeier said. “I try to carry that with me too. Not to think I’m too big for anything because I’m not. Just the way he handles himself with grace and just super nice to everybody. That’s huge and makes other people appreciate you at the end of the day.”

What does life look like after volleyball for Bachmeier? Graduating with a business degree and earning both a sales certificate where she’ll be featured in Fargo Business Incorporated Magazine and entrepreneur certificate to eventual open her own wedding consulting business.

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve had my wedding planned from like serious four years old and I love being able to help people,” Bachmeier said. I got to plan my mom’s wedding, I sometime work part-time at a flower shop and can dip my tail into some planning there. I just love being apart of the design process. Figuring out what goes with what and just helping a bride and groom have the perfect day.”>

The issue of Fargo Business Incorporated comes out in June detailing a cold call challenge that Bachmeier won and had the opportunity to participate in a panel with local small business CEO’s about what they should look for in this generation of college students entering the work force.

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