The FMCT Is Opening A New Venue

FMCT's Executive Director says she's excited about the new community stage at the Hjemkomst Heritage Hall.

FARGO, N.D. — It’s been over a year since the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater closed its doors in Fargo. Now the FMCT is welcoming a new venue.

“Theater teaches you to be flexible, teaches you to thrive, and it teaches you to give,” FMCT Executive Director Judy Lewis says.

The Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater keeps the curtains open with their new permanent residency. The theater is setting up the stage at a popular historical site.

“On Valentine’s Day, Mayor Carlson gave me a phone call and she said I have a great idea! I was like what’s the idea. And she said we want you to be at the Hjemkomst,” Lewis says.

FMCT’s Executive Director says they will keep the Island Park venue in Fargo. In 2019, they discovered the structural integrity of the building was severely compromised. They are waiting for the final stages with the Insurance company.

Lewis says she’s excited about the new community stage at the Hjemkomst Heritage Hall. She says it will be an opportunity to get the public more involved.

Lewis says, “So anyone in the community, on Friday and Saturday nights, when we are not doing a show, can come. We can do poetry slams, we can do music, we can do one-act plays, we can do anything they want to do for really tiny dollars.”

While the plans are still being worked out, Lewis says it will be available in the coming months.

“We hope it’s going to happen on July 7th. So right now we are working on fitting it up,” Lewis says.

In the meantime, while FMCT is finishing up a play series at the TAK Music Venue, they plan on releasing new productions soon.

Lewis says, “The next show we have, auditions are coming up, April 23rd and 24th at Studio 6, so you can go to to get on that audition. Then, the show is here at the TAK this summer. Starting July 22nd through the 25th.”

Lewis says the theater is for anyone, so if you’re interested in auditioning you can click here.

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