Hoeven, Cramer blast reintroduction of Green New Deal

Sens. Kevin Cramer & John Hoeven

WASHINGTON (KVRR) – North Dakota’s U.S. Senators say the Green New Deal would cost taxpayers a fortune and force the nation’s economy into bankruptcy.

Members of the progressive “Squad” rallied around a new push for the Green New Deal Tuesday with separate bills for public housing, a civilian climate corps and funding for cities.

“The Green New Deal would cost trillions in taxpayer dollars and bankrupt our country” Sen. John Hoeven said.

“At the same time, it calls for eliminating traditional energy sources that provide good-paying jobs and affordable energy for our homes, businesses and the economy.”

“The Green New Deal would ruin the economy, bankrupt the nation, and destroy America’s energy and national security while still failing to lower emissions” according to Sen. Kevin Cramer.

“The Green New Deal is not a serious proposal. It’s a pipe dream” Cramer said.

Supporters of the Green New Deal say it’s an economic stimulus concept designed to tackle income inequality and climate change. It’s modeled after President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal package of public works programs created during the Great Depression.

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