Community gathers for “Louder Than Hate” march in downtown Fargo

Activists came to counter protest a "WLM" rally that was scheduled to take place

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Local activists organized a march early Saturday morning to confront “White Lives Matter” rally and the recent racial movements in the city.

The recent vandalism of the Moorhead mosque sparked new tensions between Black Lives Matter and White Lives Matter organizations.

“We showed up to let them know that we are not going to tolerate it they want to have their plan we are going to be here and show up we are not going to let them take our streets,” said Vanessa Jugarap.

The Louder Than Hate march was coordinated by area activists to address the recent incident at the Moorhead mosque and to counter a “White Lives Matter” rally that was supposedly scheduled for the same time Saturday morning.

“The point is that it’s just not about showing up and counter white lives matter its about us stepping up as a city and community to say that white supremacy is not welcomed in our city,” stated Jugarap.

“We just had the mosque vandalized in Moorhead with swastikas symbols and the n word and all that stuff that is not a joke. I don’t care if the person said it was a joke that is an act of hate. That person’s actions made those people at the mosque feel unsafe in the community,” said Jugarap.

The group marched from Island Park to downtown Fargo plaza. One leader said that Fargo is a city of love and joy and any racial acts will not be tolerated.

“Your hateful message is not welcomed here. It will never be welcomed here and every time we hear about it we will come out rather we are one or a thousand and one we will be here consistently,” said Avalon Fyreheart.

Organizers say that The Fargo-Moorhead community needs to learn more about white supremacy and to not let it influence the city.

“So you may as well give up the city of Fargo because this is our city and you’re not taking it from us,”  said Fyreheart.

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