Mental Health Mindsets of Minorities.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and specialists say to stay positive.

FARGO, N.D.-(KVRR) — May is Mental Health Awareness Month and after a rocky 2020, people are ready for a more hopeful tomorrow in 2021.

“Like many things when we start talking about it we understand each other better and we find more support,” Jo Ellison said. 

“Important for all of us to take care of our mental health this is a lifelong journey,”  Laurie Dewan said. 

Given the struggles that people have endured this past year with the COVID 19 pandemic and the ongoing fight for racial equity, experts say that it is very important to take care of your mental health today and everyday.

“May and mental health awareness month is an opportunity for folks to step back and reflect on their on mental health and to turn to al the resources that are being made available,”  Laurie Dewan stated.

A recent survey from Healthline health resource revealed that 48% of American’s are in a more positive headspace after recent events such as the Derek Chauvin trial verdict. 45% of people said the guilty verdict in the trial had a positive impact on their mental health.

“The Derek Chauvin verdict the recognition of a injustice and a wrong that was done has a tremendous impact on mental health,”  Laurie Dewan mentioned. 

“Very validating right for a large group of people that feel heard,” said Jo Ellison.

“You Are breathing a sign of relief even President Biden said you know after the verdict especially” said Steve Swasey.

Out of that percentage, 61% of which were African Americans and 56% of which were Asian.

“What I think this research does is it validates the fact that racial justice and progress toward racial justice in the united states does have an impact on our mental health in particular in this case on the mental health of black people,” Dewan said. 

For people who are in the group that has a positive mindset, mental health specialists say you can reach out to someone who may be hurting and have that one to one connection about mental health.

“It is one day , one step one moment in a long journey,” Dewan stated. 

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