Volunteers plant sustainable food forest in honor of Arbor Day in Moorhead

MB Johnson park will include various; apple, plum and pear trees.

MOORHEAD, Minn, (KVRR) — Moorhead is celebrating Arbor Day by planting a sustainable food forest.

City officials and volunteers showed up to MB Johnson park to plant 70 apple trees, 15 pear trees, 15 plum trees, and 40 June, aronia and honey berry shrubs.

The trees and shrubs are all different ages and sizes so they’ll be able to bear fruit earlier in the years to come.

It will take about five years for the oldest of the trees to mature.

“When you talk about educating young people into good healthy habits, not just being outside, but where did their food come from it gets into the whole issue of food sovereignty and food security that is so important. Being able to walk out your door and pick fresh fruit, everyone should be able to do that,” Moorhead City Council Member, Steve Lindaas said.

Once in full bloom, the food forest will be free and open to the public for harvesting.

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