FBI probing extremist activities in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota


FARGO (KVRR) – The head of the FBI’s Minneapolis Field Office says federal authorities are investigating “a number of cases” involving domestic extremist activities in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Michael Paul is the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Minneapolis, which oversees the Dakotas and Minnesota.  In an interview with KVRR-TV, Paul said extremist-related activities are his among his top concerns.

“We have a number of cases that are open and related. We’re very concerned about domestic violence extremist activity that may occur within the area here. We’re looking at those who would be willing to undertake criminal activity or violence in order to further a social, or political agenda” Paul said.

“We’ve seen a variety of motivations. Often, these can involve special interests. They can involve racially-motivated extremism, anti- government or anti-law enforcement extremism.”

Paul did not specify how many cases are under investigation, or where they may be concentrated.  But he did say that unlike other parts of the country, the number of extremist-related activities in the region appears to be stable.

“We see a steady presence. We have a consistent number of investigations from year to year that we’re working. We have not seen that activity expand, which is a good thing for us here in the tri-state area, but we just remain vigilant in watching for those threats.”

Paul says the FBI continues to work very closely with local law enforcement agencies to monitor any extremist activity when it develops. “It can develop anywhere” he said.

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