Newfolden Man Accused of Biting Trooper, Breaking Out of Vehicle

GRAND FORKS CO., N.D. — A Newfolden, Minnesota man is accused of biting a North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper before breaking out of the patrol vehicle only to be recaptured moments later.

It all went down Monday morning around 8:30 when a trooper tried to stop 38-year-old Douglas Reierson for going 95 on I-29 between Grand Forks and Thompson.

Reierson at first refused to stop then did and refused to get out of his vehicle.

Another trooper arrived and he resisted arrest, kicking the troopers and biting one on the arm.

After he was in the patrol vehicle, he broke a side window and jumped out but was quickly recaptured.

Reierson faces numerous charges including assaulting a peace officer, fleeing, criminal mischief and DUI.

The trooper was treated and released.

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