Heat wave did not stop some from attending Broadway Square’s Chalk Festival

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — For those who don’t mind the heat, there are many things people can do on a day like Saturday. Some chose to go to a chalk festival.

“I and my brothers and my mom thought it was a great idea because it’s very nice today and it’s not very windy,” event attendee Ansley Wegner said.

Children and adults coming out on this sunny Saturday for Broadway Square’s second chalk festival. The theme is creatures and monsters. Broadway Square Manager Ana Rusness-Petersen says chalk festivals are a way of storytelling.

“Our programming is trying to be about different ways of telling your story and chalk seems like a really easy entry point, where no one is afraid of using chalk and what they’re trying to draw and the story they are going to try to tell,” Rusness-Petersen said.

A local artist — Kenzie Geiser — came out to help host the event.

Rusness-Petersen says, “She is a chalk artist in the area and came recommended to us. She’s been great to work with as far as talking to kids and showing what you can do with chalk.”

Rusness-Petersen says she hopes this event will show this a space for everyone.

“Inviting them to Broadway Square. Showing them we’re a place you can come and hang out, do some activities, drop in for a short period of time, or we had some people who were here all day yesterday. It’s just a space to come hang out, be comfortable, have fun, engage with each other, be safe, and have a good time. Create some good memories,” Rusness-Petersen said.

There are drawings of all sorts of monsters and creatures. There’s Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan from Monsters Inc. One of the attendees dedicated her drawing to a great friend.

Wegner says “I drew a rose because it reminds me of my best friend because she doesn’t go to my school anymore and she really loved roses and that was probably the first thing we drew with chalk.”

Broadway Square is hosting another chalk festival on July 3rd. Click here for more details.

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