North Dakota BCI agents testify in Pendleton trial

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) – Testimony continues in day six of the Salamah Pendleton trial.

The jury heard from two North Dakota BCI agents who investigated the scene of last year’s shooting that left Grand Forks officer Cody Holte and Pendleton’s mother dead.

Photos shown during Wednesday’s testimonies show how Pendleton’s apartment was marked by investigators who returned to the scene following the incident.

Multiple empty ammunition boxes and an empty magazine were found in Pendleton’s bedroom.

Once BCI agent says the scene indicated to him that Pendleton was “getting himself ready.”

“What do you mean by getting himself ready?” asked Grand Forks County Assistant State’s Attorney Ashlei Neufeld.

“He was arming himself, making sure that he had enough magazines full of ammunition to sustain another volley against the law enforcement officers who were at the residence,” responded North Dakota BCI Agent Edwin Carter.

The trial is expected to last until July 16th.

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