Delta variant cases on the rise in ND

"The CDC estimates about 56 percent of the cases in our region are the Delta variant."

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) — Concerns over a possible surge in COVID-19 cases run high as more cases of the Delta variant make their way to North Dakota.

As Delta variant cases grow throughout the nation health experts warn of growing cases throughout the upper Midwest.

“It’s more easily transmissible and it’s now making up more than half of the cases the CDC believes in our region which includes the Dakotas, Wyoming, Utah and Montana,” Sanford Health Fargo Vice President & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Doug Griffin said.

“The CDC estimates about 56 percent of the cases in our region are the Delta variant. We have identified in North Dakota so far 20 cases of the Delta variant and we have identified this in all areas of the state,” North Dakota Department of Health Director of Field Services Brenton Nesemeier said.

Experts warn variant cases could be much higher as more people become vaccinated and less get tested for the coronavirus.

“We do know that there is under reporting of the disease. We don’t know that some people are asymptomatic and not going in and getting tested for whatever reason but the benefit of vaccination is we have less people that are vulnerable,” said Nesemeier.

As cases grow, Dr. Griffin says we’ll see the continuation of covid restrictions until more people become fully vaccinated.

“The message that we need to get out there is that vaccines work against this variant and the other variant and people need to get vaccinated or we’re going to see more disruptions in life getting back to normal,” said Griffin.

Nesemeier warns those who may be at higher risk in contracting the virus to get their vaccinations.

“The majority of people who are affected over 95 percent are people who are unvaccinated and I think that’s the biggest thing we can learn that vaccination still is the best means of protecting yourself and if you haven’t been vaccinated now is the best time to go and get it,” added Nesemeier.

The North Dakota Department of Health updates its COVID-19 variant data everyday.

You can find out how to get vaccinated by clicking here.

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