Moorhead and Dilworth under water use restrictions

MOORHEAD, MN (KVRR) –Water use restrictions are now in effect for people in Moorhead and Dilworth.

It is due to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources drought warning phase.

They require public water suppliers to implement water use restrictions.

Moorhead Public Service will allow people with an address ending in an even number to water lawns and wash cars on days ending with an even number, and vice versa for odd numbers.

You could face a fine for violating the watering restictions.

There is no restriction right now for gardens, flowers, and newly planted trees, shrubs or seeded lawns.

In addition to the even-odd number restrictions, MPS strongly encourages that all non-essential water use for lawns, including watering of city park space and athletic spaces should only occur during overnight hours (8:00 pm to 8:00 am).

Watering during daylight hours, especially during high temperatures, causes most of the water to evaporate.

Significant water use reduction is achievable by restricting non-essential outdoor water use, especially lawn irrigation, power washing buildings, washing cars, and filling swimming pools.

For more information on Minnesota’s drought conditions, please visit:

For more information on water conservation, please visit:


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