Senate passes $65 billion infrastructure bill

WASHINGTON (KVRR) — A bipartisan infrastructure project passes the Senate including more than $65 billion for broadband infrastructure.

The project includes major funding for broadband infrastructure that will bring high speed internet to families including those in rural communities across the nation.

In addition to broadband, the bill will focus on devoting federal resources to help improve; roads, highways, bridges and public transportation.

“It’s about roads and bridges. Anyone who’s on seat potholes or wants to see some improvements to a highway overpass, I know some of those in Moorhead. If we want to see infrastructure in place which we know is so important in the Red River valley, this bill is a major investment,” Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said.

Klobuchar says a second package focusing on housing and childcare is underway and believes there will be no problem with the House passing the infrastructure bill.

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