Klobuchar on whether Biden should stop Line 3: pipeline is in ‘state jurisdiction’

WASHINGTON (KVRR) – Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) suggested that the Line 3 pipeline replacement project in northern Minnesota is under the state’s control when she was asked if President Biden should consider stopping the project.

Line 3 opponents, including Minnesota tribal leaders, have repeatedly asked Biden to revoke the pipeline’s permit, based on environmental concerns.

In an interview with KVRR News, Klobuchar was asked whether Biden should shut down construction on the pipeline.

“Well, I think right now, that is in the state jurisdiction” Klobuchar said. “I think you’ve got to really listen to the tribes and listen to their concerns.” Klobuchar added, before she had to leave to cast a vote.

Earlier, the Biden administration signaled in court filings that there are no plans to cancel federal permits for Line 3, despite pleas by Native Americans and environmental groups for the president to intervene.

Line 3 construction across northern Minnesota is about 80% complete and is expected to be finished later this year.

Enbridge says replacing the pipeline is the safest and best option for protecting the environment. The company says construction procedures have been designed to minimize impacts on the environment.

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