AMA calls for public, private sectors to create nationwide vaccine mandate


CHICAGO (KVRR) – The American Medical Association Tuesday called for “public and private sectors” to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations.

“The simple fact is unless a significant percentage of our population is vaccinated against COVID-19—we could be stuck fighting this virus for many more months or even years to come” according to AMA President, Dr. Gerald Harmon.  “Now is the time for the public and private sectors to come together, listen to the science, and mandate vaccination.”

“The way to regain the upper hand in this fight is requiring vaccinations—specifically vaccine mandates” Harmon said.

The Food and Drug Administration recently granted full approval to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.  Health officials have differing opinions over whether the the approval will lead to more people deciding to get vaccinated.

“This will push people over the edge to go get the vaccine because it is our, our best protection,” Former Acting FDA Commissioner Retired Admiral Brett Giroir said, but that may not be the case in North Dakota and Minnesota.

“I don’t want to be skeptical, but I don’t expect a huge surge in people who would want to get a vaccine just based on FDA approval,” Sanford Health Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Avish Nagpal said.

He explains patients usually have a number of reasons they won’t get their shot and the news from the FDA probably won’t change their minds. Some may be people only having mild symptoms or not want to miss a paycheck because they have to quarantine.

The AMA says doctors and health care workers “have taken tremendous risks during this pandemic, and we continue today risking our own safety and well-being—putting our families at risk—to treat mostly unvaccinated people afflicted with COVID-19. Help us win this fight, follow science, and end this pandemic by requiring vaccination.”



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