Burgum, congressional delegation react to bombings in Afghanistan

Kabul Airport
Kabul airport (Fox News)

FARGO (KVRR) – Gov. Doug Burgum and members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation called for prayers and accountability after multiple U.S. service members were killed during a suicide bombing near the Kabul airport.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the brave U.S. servicemembers and the Afghans who were killed or injured in today’s deadly attacks at the airport in Kabul,” Gov. Doug Burgum said.

“Our military forces have served in Afghanistan with honor and courage and continue to do so as they work to evacuate U.S. citizens and American allies from this chaotic situation. The Biden administration needs to demonstrate leadership and do more to bring U.S. citizens home quickly and help those Afghans who have been our allies in the war on terror.”

“This is absolutely heartbreaking.  Please pray for the safety of our troops, allies, and the people of Afghanistan,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong tweeted Thursday.

“Our prayers are with our service members and their loved ones following today’s attacks in Kabul. Our men and women in uniform have served and are serving courageously in Afghanistan to battle terrorists and keep us safe,” Sen. John Hoeven said.

“Today’s bombings and the tragic deaths of U.S. service members show that it is urgent that the President explain to the American people how we will combat these extremists now that U.S. forces are being withdrawn, including how we will gather intelligence and how we will position our forces in the future.”

Sen. Kevin Cramer said “My heart breaks for the injured and the lives lost in today’s terrorist attacks. Kris and I are praying for their families and loved ones, including the heroic Marines who knew the risks they faced yet still stepped forward to put their lives on the line to help with evacuation efforts. Their deaths are a tragedy, and it did not have to be this way.”

“President Biden should also step up, be the Commander-in-Chief we need, and show the world we will not tolerate an evil attack like this.”

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