Cramer calls Afghanistan withdrawal ‘complete failure’, Biden’s actions ‘unfitting’

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) – Calling President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan a “complete failure,” Sen. Kevin Cramer on Tuesday said Biden’s actions are “unfitting for the office he holds and are embarrassing our country on the world stage.”

“Instead of showing remorse or taking proper action, the President is misleading the American people while his Administration focuses on getting credit for trying to fix the problem it created” Cramer said in a written statement following Biden’s address to the nation Tuesday.

“He said we’d leave no American behind, but hundreds of our citizens and billions in U.S. military equipment are still in Afghanistan while the Taliban is in control, ISIS-K runs rampant, our allies feel angry and betrayed, and 13 American troops lost their lives.”

More than 100 Americans and thousands of Afghans looking to leave were left behind, but Biden said diplomatic and other efforts would continue to get them out. Biden’s speech to the nation came 24 hours after the departure of the last American aircraft from Kabul.

Biden called the evacuation from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.”  “I was not going to extend this forever war. And I was not going to extend a forever exit.”

Cramer, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Congress needs to exercise its oversight role.  He said that if Biden received unanimous support from military leaders, they should testify before the committee.

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