Block party honors Fargo postman retiring after 35 years

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – A beloved Fargo postman who’s been delivering people’s mail for decades is getting quite the send off.

“[I’m] proud, you know, that people feel this way about him to want him to come to their block party because this isn’t our block, you know, it’s just a route that he had,” Dave’s wife Mary said.

An annual block party in a north Fargo neighborhood includes Dave as a guest of honor this year.

“I like getting up, going to work everyday,” he said. Dave has been a mail carrier for 35 years. “I started in Moorhead for five weeks and then I got on in Fargo and have been a carrier the whole time. I like being outside,” he explained.

Countless hours, miles and even one dog bite later, his final day on the job will be September 30th.

“Dave’s been around forever, you know,” said Stephenson Beck whose house is one of the stops on Dave’s route. “He’s here every single day. We get to see him walking up and down the streets but also talks to us and we have a good relationship with him, and so, we wanted to make sure we send him off with a little fanfare.”

Dave and his wife say they’re looking forward to spending more time with their two children and eight grandkids.

“Being able to go to grandkids’ sports and functions that we weren’t able to do,” Mary said. “Be able to go down to the lakes on a Saturday that we weren’t able to because he worked on Saturdays being a letter carrier.”

After all these years, Dave says working with people within the community is part of what’s kept him going. “Just work locally, you know, some places you have to go out of town and stuff like that, so just being in town,” he explained.

“We have a great community here, and he’s part of that community, right? It’s not just you and your family, but it’s also your neighbors and your friends and everybody to come together and somebody who comes and delivers the mail, that’s his job but he also stops and talks and makes it a friendly environment,” Beck said.

Dave is thinking about getting a part time job once he’s retired.

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