Red Cross volunteer describes Hurricane Ida mission

Hurricane Ida had a sufficient impact on thousands in the gulf coast.

FARGO, ND (KVRR) – Sandra Heggeness has been with the Red Cross for four years and went to the Gulf Coast in the emergency rescue vehicle to help out with victims from the storm.

“Damage was unbelievable. Every powerline you drove by was down, broken. There were roofs up in trees,” said Sandra Heggeness.

Heggeness said that she was surprised to see the devastation that she saw.

“I’ve seen hurricanes before and I kinda knew what to expect but it was worse than what I expected,” Sandra Heggeness said.

She said that the aftermath of the storm was surreal and never seen anything like that.

“We saw boats in the center island of the road, and roofs completely torn off buildings. Buildings shattered. There was nothing left,” recalled Sandra Heggeness.

Heggeness was part of the feeding team and would pick up 600-800 meals to serve meals to people.

“We were doing feedings for people who didn’t have no electricity no grocery stores and basically no food so we would serve the meals to these people who were very very grateful it was a really rewarding experience,” But they need so much and they still need so much,” said Heggeness.

Heggeness spent two weeks in Louisiana helping with Hurricane Ida efforts.

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