Health experts and Fargo-Moorhead officials urge COVID-19 vaccinations

"This is reaching a new level. It's affecting the children in our community. It's time, so with all do respect we ask for your consideration."

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) — City leaders and health experts are urging people to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, officials are placing an urgent call as they say cases are beginning to overwhelm hospital resources.

“We don’t usually reach out to the public unless we think there’s a serious issue here. Our people are getting overwhelmed and whether we have a crisis of flutter or anything we often ask the people, what can we do to help out,” Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney said.

Mayor Mahoney and hospital leaders say what needs to be done is to get vaccinated.

“Please make our community handle this virus in good fashion and not overwhelm our nurses, our staff, our people that are taking care of you. What you can do to help put it is to get vaccinated,” Mahoney said.

“It’s not just our hospitals, it’s our emergency rooms, our clinics, our urgent cares. This past week we’ve been averaging about 15 to 20 inpatients a day. Four or five of those in the ICU and three to four of them on ventilators,” Essentia Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Richard Vetter said.

Hospitals are also dealing with employee burnout and lack of staff.

“We’re experiencing a historic workforce shortage not only in nursing, but in other patient care and non clinical areas. The shortages are in no way related to our vaccine mandate. We have lost very few staff due to the mandate. After 18 months our staff is tired and our resources are limited,” Vice President and Medical Officer for Sanford Health Fargo Dr. Doug Griffin said.

Metro leaders stress the importance of protecting those most vulnerable to the virus.

“This is reaching a new level. It’s affecting the children in our community. It’s time, so with all do respect we ask for your consideration. We ask for your reconsideration and please get vaccinated,” West Fargo Commission President, Bernie Dardis said.

“We are one metro area, Moorhead is just part of this metro area just as much as Fargo, West Fargo, Cass County as is Clay County. I ask you to please get vaccinated for our community so that we can eventually someday go back to normal,” Moorhead Mayor, Shelly Carlson said.

Essentia Health and Sanford Health are preparing to offer Covid-19 booster shots.


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